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Data Protection, if managed correctly is a strategic competitive differentiator in a business world fuelled by data. It's a key way of your potential customers evaluating whether you're the right supplier for them.

And, we can see a trend across our clients with customers and employees becoming more and GDPR savvy. Any GDPR gaps in compliance exposes your company to risks of eye-watering fines and a number of other powers now granted to reguators.

Through us, you have access to a Data Protection Officer as a Service, GDPR Audit services and specialist GDPR Software. Plus, you don't need to be a corporate to use us. In fact we specialise in only working with small and medium sized organisations.

Our aim is to make your GDPR compliance as straightforward, affordable and sustainable as possible. With our help, your data protection compliance will become that much easier, allowing you and your team to focus on building sustainable growth.


Our Outsourced DPO Service delivers instant benefits

Cost Saving

You get the DPO you need without paying for salary, benefits, holiday and so on. Clients save 80-90% with us.

Hassle free

No more searching for someone internally to pin the role on or hire out in the market. We can provide your DPO the same day.


Rather than find someone in IT or legal who 'might do', by using us you get a professionally qualified and experienced DPO.

Best Practice 

By helping clients across many sectors and by scanning the regulatory environment we are able to share the latest insights.


Clients & Experience

"DPO Experts approach is very sound and got us compliant rapidly. Your DPO service is the most useful 'insurance policy' we have!



"The time we spent with you was better and more valuable than any other GDPR training I have ever received."



"Can't thank you enough. We sell music all over Europe and you've taken our GDPR headaches away." 



Key features

Here are just some of the features your organisation will enjoy

GDPR Guidance

Receive up-to-date advice and guidance on all GDPR and PECR matters related to your organisation and its markets.

Regulatory Scanning

With emerging regulations, laws, case law and regulator actions there's a lot to follow. We monitor this landscape to keep you one step ahead.

GDPR Training

(Option) Awareness and training are key to controlling data protection risks. We can produce and deliver tailored GDPR training.

Gap analysis

Data protection measures need where the GDPR risks are greatest to your organisation. We work with you to identify and prioritise those risks.

Incident & Breach

When a data incident or breach occurs it's critical to prevent the situation worsening. Our plans and support are designed to do just that. 

Document Writing

(Option) Should your current policies and procedures need tweaking or you need to start from scratch, we can draft all the relevant docs for you.

Cyber Security

Most of the data breach headlines are related to inadequate cyber security. We work with your IT people to identify and mitigate those threats.

ICO Liaison

Dealing with the ICO needs handling correctly to prevent matters getting of control. Our specialists will handle this regulatory liaison on your behalf.

GDPR Project

(Option) GDPR requires changes to policies, processes, people, systems and more. We can set up and run your GDPR change project.

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